About Us

Email Power provides powerful training and coaching that brings you the most cutting edge tools. It maximizes your personal and business performance so that you can be a courageous, confident, and compassionate communicator. Our training is based on real-world application that creates results, not just text book theory.

Email Power gets you the results you want. It teaches you how to discover the needs, wants, desires, style, and real agenda in any conversation. The bottom line: a superior connection with an understanding of your clients, customers, and colleagues.

We work with individuals, as well as large and small organizations that are committed to maximizing their communication success so that they can move with power and freedom in the areas in their life that matter the most.

Your success or failure is based on one thing: the conversation — with yourself and with the people in your life. We are committed to helping you transform your relationships one conversation at a time.

Steven Griffith is the creator of EMAIL POWER, the first patented email business communication tool. He is the author of Email Power: How to Get What You Want From Every Email and the founder of the Coaching Intelligence Institute. He has been a communication and performance coach for over 20 years training individuals and organizations.

Griffith teaches executives and business professionals how to maximize their performance through the effective use of written and spoken language.

Steven has effectively worked with major organizations around the world including Citibank, ADP, Wells Fargo, Coldwell Banker, and the LAPD. He has been featured on national television and radio as a communication and performance coach. Steven is a former Golden Glove boxer and football player.

“The ability to effectively communicate in today’s work place is an absolute necessity to be successful. Coaching Intelligence and Email Power show you exactly how to do that with clear, concise, practical guidelines that will transform the way you communicate.”

—Sue Knight, international consultant and author of NLP at Work