Email Power

Powerful feedback leaves people with a sense of possibility and positive self-worth.

How to give motivating feedback that creates results with your clients, customers, colleagues, and friends!

Every day, you must give feedback that may be challenging or confronting to your clients, customers, colleagues, and friends. This can happen even in email conversations. How do you give feedback that connects, motivates, and accelerates results? Most people give feedback by first addressing the negative component of what is wrong. When this occurs, the other person’s tendency is to shut down and so does their ability to grasp what you’re writing. Many times, this is happening at the subconscious level beyond a person’s awareness. The end result is that your point is not understood. Consequently, the information delivered is not implemented.

The purpose of feedback in any email conversation is to allow an opening to correct a behavior or gain understanding and get results. Powerful feedback leaves the other person with a sense of possibility and positive self-worth.

Positive Statement / Challenge / Positive StatementGiving feedback in coaching

The “Feedback Sandwich” is a process of delivering feedback that allows a client to hear, understand, and accept the information without feeling challenged or attacked.

Here are the steps

Step 1: Find a positive action and acknowledge the person with affirmative supportive statements about their actions. This allows an opening and honors the person. It creates a pathway for the challenging information to be delivered.

Step 2: Address the situation, problem, or concern. In a direct and open way, use the conjunction “and” then state the challenge.

Step 3: Close with another positive statement. This leaves the person in a situation of possibility and motivation.

Here is an example:

Positive: Mark! Excellent effort with the Jackson account. I can see you really have been enthusiastically communicating the benefits of our system.

Challenge: And here is the challenge: Your other accounts don’t seem to be getting the same level of attention.

So let’s balance your time by giving your other clients that same support and interest.

Positive: Again, great enthusiasm with the Jackson account ¾ it’s really making a positive impact.

This tool can make the difference of leaving a client, customer, colleague, or friend motivated with possibility ¾ or dejected and frustrated. Using the feedback sandwich, you create an atmosphere for the critical information to be understood and for action to be taken. Giving feedback now will be easy and motivating! Always leave the other person with possibility.

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