Mindful Strategies for Successful Communication.

How to connect to connect with your clients, customers and colleagues in every email.

Every client, customer and colleague has a communication style that is specific for them.

This article teaches you how to immediately identify the communication style of who you are communicating with and what words to use and avoid so you can connect in a way that creates results.

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How to Get Your Point Heard – Without Creating Conflict!

Have you ever just wanted to have your point heard or just be understood in email?

This article teaches the three steps necessary to create a “frame of agreement” —one of the most powerful language tools available.

You’ll learn how to quickly neutralize and take control of any email situation.

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How to give motivating feedback that creates results with your clients, customers, colleagues, and friends!

Feedback can be hard for some people to digest. This article reveals the technique to give feedback and guidance without causing people to shut down.

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