Email Power is the worlds first proven and patented system for unlocking the hidden meaning and motives in every email you send and receive. Email power let’s you instantly see the needs, wants, desires, agendas of any email. The bottom line; a superior understanding of your clients, customers, and colleague that gets you results.

Get the competitive advantage of EMAIL POWER and Learn to predict and influence behavior through email.

  • Increase your negotiating success
  • Close sales faster
  • Connect in a meaningful and mindful way with clients and colleagues

“Steven Griffith’s EMAIL POWER coaches you to respond to any email in a way that maximizes communication, builds profits, and enhances relationships—every time.”

—Ken Blanchard
Co-author The One Minute Manager and The Secret

“Email Power is the premier book on this topic. Griffith has given us a proven blueprint for communication success that needs to be on your shelf now….”

—Kevin Hogan, PsyD
Author of The Science of Influence and The Psychology of Persuasion

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