Email Power Software

Email Power is the exclusive solution to today’s business communication. Whether you’re initiating or responding, Email Power’s proven and patented system assists you with the most effective and efficient language. Learn to predict and influence behavior through email.

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This powerful software provides the competitive advantage for selling, negotiating, and connecting with your clients and colleagues in a more meaningful and productive way.

The Program

Email Power comes with a complete online training component that will step you through every aspect of the program. You’ll learn how to unlock the hidden meanings and motives of any email revealing the real wants, needs and desires of your clients, customers, and colleagues.

Analyze The Sender

Simply cut and paste an email you’ve received into the Email Power program. It will analyze your email for communication style, tone, position of speaking, and the sender’s favorite word choices.

Analyze Your Response

With the initial analysis complete, you can then analyze your response email to match the original email.

Search And Replace

Additionally, you can use the Search & Replace function to ensure your communication style is perfect. Once complete, you can then send your email directly from the application.

Stop guessing and start communicating

  • Powerfully connect with clients and colleagues
  • Successfully negotiate
  • Close sales faster
  • Predict and influence behavior through email

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