Coaching and Training

Whether it’s one-on-one or for your entire organization. Our Coaching and training programs engage you right from the start in an interactive and dynamic process designed to get you real-world results, quickly and effectively. The training is supportive and plugs easily into any organization — online or in person.

Email Power coaches your organization to:

  • Negotiate Smarter
  • Understand Your Clients Better
  • Communicate With Employees More Effectively
  • Close Sales Faster
  • Predict and Influence Behavior
  • Feel Confident In All Your Communication


In today’s competitive sales environment you need every advantage to get to “Yes” Email Power training will coach you how to quickly identify the motives and needs of your customers and prospects. The result; increased sales,successful negotiating and an increased ability to up sell and cross sell. Plus, Email Power will help you shorten your sales cycle.

“After reading Steven Griffith’s E-Mail Power, I finally feel like I’m having digital ‘face to face’ increasing my ability to sell by connecting better with clients and prospects.”

—Kevin Campbell, Senior Vice President, CitiBank

Client Services

Email Power Training is an extraordinarily effective way of keeping your clients engaged, satisfied, and coming back for more. This training coaches you how to understand the needs,wants and desires of your clients. Deepen you connection in a mindful way automatically—with every email you send. It’s the formula for developing lifelong customers.

“With Email Power, we have a tool to help us understand the meaning of what we receive in an email and we have the opportunity to stop, evaluate, and ensure our meaning before we send a message. E-mail Power is an awesome guide for helping us ‘connect,’ vital for establishing and nurturing relationships.”

—Stephen Vozella, Vice President, Client Services, Spryance

Management and Human Resources

Email Power training teaches you how to get the most from your interactions by connecting with people in a deeper and more mindful way. You’ll be able to determine the motives and communication style of anyone in your organization enabling you to inform, influence and inspire with ease. Bottom line: a more satisfying environment where management and employees feel confident and

“Every interaction is the most important. This includes those with my clients, partners, colleagues, competitors, family, and friends. Griffith’s system has given me the power to build trust and rapport immediately.”

—David Sullivan, Director, CCC Inc.