Praise for Email Power

“Steven Griffith’s EMAIL POWER coaches you to respond to any email in a way that maximizes communication, builds profits, and enhances relationships—every time.”

—Ken Blanchard
, Co-author of The One Minute Manager and The Secret

“It never occurred to me before using this software that I needed to pay attention to what and how I write emails. I have always found email communications difficult and somewhat impersonal. With Email Power, I am suddenly finding amazing success through my email negotiations!”

—Charles Pence, Realtor, Coldwell Banker, Top 50 World Producer

“Steven Griffith has broken the code for email communication and his secrets for success are in this groundbreaking book. Don’t press SEND again until you’ve read it!”

—Allan Pease, Co-author of Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps

“In today’s media world, you have to be able to communicate 24/7 and most of the time it is through email. Email Power is an exceptional tool on how to get your message across every time you email.”

—Courtney Bullock, Emmy award-winning producer Paramount Television

“Email Power is the premier book on this topic. Griffith has given us a proven blueprint for communication success that needs to be on your shelf now….”

—Kevin Hogan, PsyD
, Author of The Science of Influence and The Psychology of Persuasion

“Email Power by Steven Griffith is to email correspondence as Emily Post was to etiquette. He has set a new standard on how to succeed in communicating by email and especially how to avoid making costly mistakes. And a great read, too!”

—Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words that Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence

“Communication, Communication, Communication! Steven Griffith's Email Power software has shifted my entire understanding of the power of communication. Whether I am replying to clients or Coaches by email, I have learned how to best engage and inspire each member of the team in the most efficient amount of time."

—Mark MacDonald, President, Venice Nutrition

“Griffith’s book is a treasure of ideas for coping with one our biggest challenges in customer contact centers: emails. There are many practical tips for both interpreting the customer’s message and getting the job done in one email exchange. I highly recommend this book for your professional library.”

—Dr. Jon Anton, Director of Benchmark Research (the leading expert of customer service/contact centers)

“Email Power is a great book to help us relate, connect, and have our message understood. A valuable system for anyone who uses email.”

—Dr. Pat Allen, author of Getting To I Do and Staying Married and Loving

“We have no way yet to retrieve the spoken word, often with regret. With Email Power, we have a tool to help us understand the meaning of what we receive in an email and we have the opportunity to stop, evaluate, and ensure our meaning before we send a message. Email Power is an awesome guide for helping us ‘connect’; vital for establishing and nurturing relationships that get results.”

—Stephen Vozella, Vice President, Client Services, Spryance

“The ability to effectively communicate in today’s work place is an absolute necessity to be successful. Email Power shows you exactly how to do that with clear, concise, practical guidelines that will transform the way you communicate.”

—Sue Knight, international consultant and author of NLP at Work

“After reading Steven Griffith’s Email Power, I finally feel like I’m having digital ‘face to face’ and connecting better with clients and prospects.”

—Kevin Campbell, Senior Vice President, Citi Bank

“A change has occurred in the world of communication and a new response is needed. The response? Steven Griffith’s book, Email Power. This book responds to the new demands email communication presents. I’m personally impressed with the way Steven has created this eminently practical application of NLP, and I recommend this book for anyone wanting to master these communication challenges.”

—L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., author of Figuring Out People and The User’s Manual for the Brain

“In a world where email is such a huge part of everyday communication; where misunderstandings mean lost customers, sales and revenue, everyone needs this book – from call center agents to managers to executives. Email Power should be at the top of mandatory corporate budgets.”

—Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff, Hitachi Consulting

“Communication is of the highest importance in my job. Griffith’s system has taken the guess work out of all of my communication. These techniques even work on the phone!”

—Anita Whited, Senior Supervisor, Los Angeles Police Department, Emergency Response Department

“Email Power is a ‘must read’ for anyone who depends on email. In fact, its pointers [on rapport building] will enhance all types of one-on-one interactions – Internet, telephone, written, and in-per- son. Well written and very insightful!”

—Richard A. Wedemeyer, co-author of In Transition and The Inner Edge

“Steven Griffith brings to light the invisibility of what is actually being said in email communication. This software is for anyone that wants to improve relationships, dramatically increase income, and actually gets you excited about sitting down and responding to email.”

—John Dewey, M.A.

“Steve Griffith has taken the scientific foundation of successful com- munication and revolutionized it to the ever-increasing superhighway of online communication. This book is a must for anyone desiring to increase their professional or personal success. Brilliant and forever useful.”

—Gary De Rodriguez, CEO, Life Design International

“Every interaction is the most important. This includes my clients, my partners, my colleagues, my competitors, my family and friends. Griffith’s system has given me the power to build trust and rapport immediately. It has completely transformed my email communication."

—David Sullivan, VP, Bearing Point

“Because I rely more and more on technology to communicate these days, I need to quickly and most effectively gain the trust and con- fidence of my clients, my prospects, and my colleagues. Griffith’s system is just what the doctor ordered. I now have the tools to build better relationships and get the results I want.”

—Dave Olear, Vice President, Wells Fargo